RECORDING: Lunch&Learn with VisionsLive

05 Jul 2023 | Lunch&Learns

We welcome Nikki Baines from VisionsLive to run this Lunch&Learn for us.

VisionsLive is an online qualitative research platform. They provide support services: 24-hour ticketing service, project manager assigned to assist with every project, full service available (moderation, recruitment, sims trans) as well as a platform-only approach.

They also offer:

  1. Webcam & Audio Focus Groups & IDIs
  2. Text Chat Focus Groups and IDIs
  3. Bulletin Board Communities

Whatever methodology you choose, the same key features are available:

  1. Whiteboards
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Polls
  4. Reporting

Although VisionsLive may also be a small team, our extensive experience has allowed us to build a vast network and a substantial supplier database. They offer both full-service and platform-only packages, ensuring flexibility to meet your specific needs. They also provide various payment options to make it convenient for you.


For further info about VisionsLive, contact Nikki Baines:, mentioning the ICG.