RECORDING: Lunch&Learn with Yonder Data Solutions

18 Sep 2023 | Lunch&Learns

We welcome Daniel Singham from Yonder Data Solutions to run this Lunch&Learn for us.

In the ever-evolving world of market research, data quality concerns have become more prominent than ever. At Yonder Data Solutions, we take pride in the quality of data we deliver to our clients. By placing respondents at the heart of the research process and employing a combination of automated quality checks and manual checks carried out by our experienced team, we ensure that our data always stands up to integrity.

We run several omnibus services via online and CATI, as well as ad-hoc UK and International work.

To find out more, join us for an exclusive lunch and learn on 13th September at 1pm hosted by our brilliant Commercial Director, Daniel Singham who has been in the industry for over 16 years and is on the MRS ED&I Council.

Yonder Data Solutions is a trusted online and telephone fieldwork and data collection agency based in the UK. We are an MRS Company partner, hold the ISO20252 standard for market research services and operate our highly respected online panel, Y Live.







Yonder Data Solutions’ support for ICG Members:

ICG members a 10% discount on their first project, and even after that, they will always be happy to support you win more work from your clients and continue to support on costs to give you the best chance of winning work. They are happy to help support on proposals as well in terms of information required on data quality/panels and so on and just in general, Daniel considers himself an online panel expert so even if you wanted to reach out for just general questions on panels, the types of questions to ask them to ensure they meet your expectations, just let him know.

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