RECORDING OF: Knowledge Share: Understanding more about Linktree

16 May 2023 | Knowledge Share

This Knowledge Share has been generously sponsored by E-Tabs, bringing cutting edge automated charting for your projects in PowerPoint & Google Slides

This Knowledge Share will be presented by ICG member Alexander Tan, AT Research.

We all need to market our businesses, right?

In this knowledge share Alex  will talk about his experience of using websites and other tools for promoting his business.

Recently there has been much talk of using sites such as Linktree as either an alternative to a traditional website, or alongside one when social media, or short talks, might benefit from a single ‘all on a page’ set of links.

Alex will talk about using Linktree for the first time, some of its features (as a free subscriber and a paid-subscriber), and how it might apply to a small business. Please note that he is not promoting them or sponsored by them 😉.

He hopes that the session will open up a discussion about how Linktree compares to its competitors and what we can learn from this market overall.