RECORDING: Taking qualitative research to the next level with OPPI

04 Dec 2023 | Lunch&Learns

Introducing OPPI, the platform for market researchers seeking to enhance their qualitative and quantitative studies through opinion crowdsourcing and audience insights. Using state-of-the-art data analytics, OPPI captures the nuances of human conversation through crowd-sourced opinions, providing real-time, actionable insights. Imagine integrating these rich, qualitative insights into your current quantitative data sets seamlessly. With OPPI, you can offer your clients a complete understanding of their target audience by blending numbers with narratives.

Adrian Liew, FounderAdrian is a digital strategist, communications consultant and marketing technologist who has advised corporate leaders, government officials and foreign embassies for the past ten years. As a technologist, Adrian’s passion is analysing and using data to reveal the insightful, profound stories that make a difference to people, companies and governments.



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