RECORDING: Your Shortcut from Raw Data Inputs to Dynamic Reports

13 Jun 2024 | Lunch&Learns

Please join this 30-min Lunch&Learn from DataTile (who are also ICG members).

DataTile is a cutting-edge survey analysis software conceived by a mathematician and data scientist. It is  dedicated to streamlining the entire data processing work flow from raw data to meaningful insights. It serves the diverse roles of data processing, seamlessly integrating them in a comprehensive software suite that handles tasks ranging from data loading to crosstab and/or dashboard visualisation. It is designed for simplicity and efficiency and empowers users to transition effortlessly from raw data, including formats like SPSS or XLS
files to finding and sharing insights within hours.

Featuring a user friendly interface, the software is accessible for individuals without extensive training or technical expertise resulting in a smooth and intuitive experience.

DataTile is a new generation developed in the last decade. It has solved various research challenges:-

  • Secure login infra-structure for sharing data, crosstabs and dashboards
  • No black box, all data is calculated on the fly and NPS/KPI calculations can be viewed (given
  • Extensive functionality for tracking surveys including future proofing of reporting
  • Time saving
  • Beautiful reporting with extra illustrative charts over and above powerpoint.

Our Speakers:

Alex Maddox, Partner, Customer Success

One of the UK’s top research analysis professionals with a wealth of experience. She has spent
decades helping clients get extra value out of their survey data. Before DataTile Alex worked with syndicated surveys like TGI and media surveys such as PAMCO, RAJAR, Touchpoints helping clients find new and creative ways of understanding their audiences and deliver their insight and stories. She now helps clients bring this expertise to analysing ad hoc proprietary data and tracking surveys.

Alex Chilingaryan, Founder, Director

A mathematician, technical visionary, and social research entrepreneur, Alex relishes building world-class systems to change the way we work for the better.

With 20 years of hands-on experience in software development for scientific applications, data analysis, and integration, Alex also brings DataTile many years of experience in market research innovation and automation, as well as solutions that can revolutionise your business.

This event should be of particular interest and importance to any researchers working on quantitative tracking studies, brand health surveys, media audience trends, etc., and anyone working with crosstabs, cluster analyses and generating data visualisation.

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