ICG Webinar: Accelerating your storytelling skills: How to transform research summaries into a captivating narrative

Posted on 9 July 2020

This webinar is generously sponsored by Taurho Transcribes This webinar  conducted by Insight Narrator, a specialist in helping insight professionals create evidence-based stories. The difference between insight and recommendations that...

Making It Pop: An Introduction To Data Visualisation

Posted on 4 June 2020

  ICG member Soti Coker, Data Chronicle, will take us through how to gain a unique edge by presenting your data and insights in a way that gets noticed, remembered...

ICG Digital Academy Webinar: Depicting Users & Their Worlds

Posted on 14 May 2020

This webinar is kindly sponsored by Indiefield¬†   What do you do with your research findings once the data collection is done? This webinar from Alicia ¬†Dornadic, Design Anthropologist at...