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C & J Fieldwork Partnership LLP

Fieldwork Agency - qualitative & quantitative + DP


Have been a Researcher for 20 years Originally a senior project manager at Westcombe Business Research. Previously employed in electronics industry for 10 years specialising in sales, marketing and electronic design for the MOD & defence organisations. Also am BS 9000 Internal Quality Auditor.

Prior to the above also obtained my Snr. SRN spent 8 years nursing, specialising in Orthopaedics and Accident & Emergency in NHS hospitals.

Have managed many medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, finance, ICT, insurance, business services and law projects. We provide a wealth of knowledge in many other areas. Wanford Fieldwork Partnership evolved into C & J Fieldwork Partnership in 2014 along with Partner Jayne Curtis the DP Guru of the partnership who has been in the industry for 38 years  We are members of the MRS, Business Intelligence Group (BIG), AQR and of course the ICG.