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Across Research

Specialist in Brazil and Latin America


At Across, we are specialists in market research projects in Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

We have our own network of native, local-based researchers to ensure complete geographical coverage with a presence in every Brazilian state and most Spanish speaking Latin American countries.

Building up on Iris Griffiths's 28 years of experience working in these countries, we have a deep understanding of the culture and psyche of the people and markets we work with. This gives us the confidence to say we provide research findings with an extra dimension. Accurate, thorough and insightful. Research beyond the expected.


I am a qualified and experienced market research and cross-cultural communication specialist and also a translator and conference interpreter. I've been working in the combined fields of market research, language and cross-cultural communication for the last 28 years.

I am passioned about market research and about  language and cultural traits impact on research findings.

I've started in market research in 1989 in Brazil working within the areas of political, social, B2B and B2C studies for one of largest market research companies in the country.

After arriving in  the UK as an academic researcher to work in the fields of  intercultural and transcultural research studies in  education and heath respectively; I've decided to settle for good  in England as an independent professional.

My native language is Portuguese but I am a fluent speaker of  English and Spanish as well.  Portuguese, English and Spanish are my working languages as a conference interpreter/translator and also as  market research, intercultural communication specialist.