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know research was founded in 2012 with the aim of making great research accessible to all organisations. Over the years, we have enjoyed working with leading brands in the events, food & drink, education and charity sectors.


As a team, we really come into our own on integrated qual-quant projects, where our strong interpretation skills allow us to bring new perspectives to our clients.

We can offer all of the usual qual and quant methodologies, adding our own expertise in interpretation and communication of findings. Recent projects have used mobile ethnography, online communities, usability testing, choice-based conjoint, observational research, online and offline diaries, as well as old favourites such as depth interviews, focus groups and hall tests.


I have a wealth of experience of research methodologies and sectors gained over 20+ years working for clients and agencies.

I am passionate about bringing great quality research can bring to organisations of all sizes – especially smaller businesses that are not well-served by large research agencies.

I’m also a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and a Member of the AQR.

Outside of work, I am a volunteer with a group for parents and their young children. My family also provides temporary accommodation to vulnerable individuals, through the Host Derby scheme which supports asylum seekers who find themselves homeless.