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We offer a range of data collection and processing services. 

Data collection:

CATI scripting and interviewing, online scripting and hosting, postal surveys, and data entry.


We can provide coding services for interviewing conducted via CATI, online or pen and paper surveys.

Data analysis

We can provide tabluations, data exports, or recoding.

All of our services are completitively prices and we can provide a suite of services to cover end to end data collection and processing needs, or simple provide individual elements to compliment your own in house capacity. 


Data entry


Postal survey management

CATI scripting

CATI interviewing

Online scripting

Online hosting


Data analysis

Data export

Data export and manipulation


I have been (gainfully) employed market research since 1993 when I joined MAI research, which latterly became NOP, and subsequently morphed into a number of other companies.  I initially started at the company as a telephone interviewer, moving on to become a supervisor, and then telephone centre manager.   I subsequently moved with the company from telephone centre to their large and hectic data processing department where I progressed to account manager. 

In 2001 I left NOP to set up IFTS a company offering a full spectre of data collection and processing services, largely focussing on data entry, coding and tabulations, but also providing CATI scripting services for larger agencies when they needed extra capacity and onsite consultant support. With a small team of experienced interviewers the company has also been able to offer in house CATI interviewing.

As the years have moved on, and market research has evolved online scripting and hosting have also been added to the portfolio of services.

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