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Director and Founder, the-marketing-labs


France-based consultancy providing multilingual and multicultural research services, with a focus on qualitative and online research.


2 service areas

1. We provide services and support for international research, qualitative and quantitative, with a focus on qualitative research in France

  • Respondents recruitment & survey sampling, fieldwork, translation and interpretation services, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing.
  • Nathalie is a French native, bilingual English-French and fluent in German, who has worked 15 years in London, 1 year in NYC, and 9 months between Belgium and Germany. Yet, we think conducting international research is more about understanding cultural differences than it is about mastering a language. That's why we prefer to feature UK- and US-based consultants for research in these countries, and our close partners include German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Eastern European and Nordics research experts who can step in quickly for any Europe-wide job.
  • Having worked for over 25 years in research and marketing, we've developed a network of international consultants and partner companies across Europe, China, India, Japan & South East Asia, Latin and North America, to quickly gain access to international markets and help you organise your research, be it qual or quant.

2. With our proprietary insights community platform and our tech team, we act as an integrator for digital research, qualitative and quantitative.