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QMS.Qualitative Market & Social Research


I provide the whole range of qualitative research services incl. moderation of groups and interviews, ethnopgraphic methods, online boards, etc. 


I am a highly experienced qualitative researcher based in the middle of Germany (Frankfurt).

My key strength is my anayltical and thorough approach to research. But I also love to think outside the box and I am committed to providing strategic and innovative marketing recommendations. I help clients understand their markets and brands as well as the social contexts and trends that shape them.

I am passionate about qualitative research and dedicated to the development of the industry. I am the co-editor of the German handbook "Qualitative Market Research in Theory and Practice" (second edition published in Spring 2011) and founded the Committeee for Qualitative Market and Social Research (AKQua) within the German BVM (German Association for Market & Social Research) in 2005. 

I look forward to working with you!


I studied English linguistics and political sciences at Frankfurt University

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