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Horizon Research


The focus of our service offer is meeting and exceeding client's needs and brief via.

  • A rigorous and relevant approach for routine studies such as creative and pack testing.
  • Exploratory and developmental projects being driven by an infectious curiosity and a delightful and provocative imagination.  

The dominant element of our service is our thinking - in terms of understanding client's business, the purpose, objectives and use of the project, creating the most relevant fieldwork, analyis, interpretation and recommendations, presenting and using the findings.We can summarise findings in executive summaries, market maps, brand models, positioning statements,or creative briefs.

We view methodologies as tools - to be selected and adapted to the specific needs of each task.

Some of our innovative U&As have little resemblance to U&As but provided exciting information about usage and attitudes. We have found ways of creating valuable surveys inexpensively with survey monkey.

The diversity of the modern qualitative toolbox is a rich resource to stimulate our thinking. We love the context of face-to-face methodologies, especially the discussion in focus groups, invigorating conflict groups and consumer juries as well as and drilling deep in interviews. 20+ years' experience in agencies has given us great skills at running workshops or laddering exercises. Training in Synectics adds another layer to our skills with co-creation.Nevertheless, there is also considerable enthusiasm for on-line and digital approaches ranging from simple text surveys through to on-line groups,bulletin boards, communities, expert panels, respondents posting audio, pictures and videos. We have found 'in-the-moment' feedback to be especially valuable. These techniques have informed the development of digital ecosystems and digital personas - two powerful approaches to contemporay marketing.

These approaches have been successful with consumer and B2B projects.


Horizon's speciality is qualitative research; we love people and interacting with various stakeholders to build a pciture and use the richness of qualitative feedback to inspire and guide business strategy.



Kim Mossenson, the principal of Horizon had 20 years experience in communications agencies in the UK and Australia. Prior to establishing Horizon he was the strategy planning director at Australia's 5th largest agency. From this background he developed an acute sense of what makes good research for a user, an understanding he applies to every project.

The key differentiator between research agencies is the personnel and their thinking.

  • All the personnel involved at Horizon also have marketing and/or communications experience.
  • All team members are senior, experienced strategists and researchers. The company does not employ juniors.

As such, the focus is on analysis and interpretation. Using experience and training to add intuitive and creativity to conclusions and recommendations.

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