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Recom - research in communications


Ria is an international strategic researcher specialising in the technology industry (digital industries, business software, IT, networking, telecoms – mobile and fix)


Tech consumer and business markets, offering: -

  • in-depth user insights / user experience
  • user interface evaluation / testing / development
  • product and service development,
  • competitors’ products and service evaluations,
  • brand positioning and communications,
  • customer segmentation and market sizing 


Founder of Recom; Ria has a comprehensive market research experience.  She has 25 years’ experience in market research and intelligence for B2B and B2C on an international scale. Prior to Recom, she worked for a number of leading companies.  At Motorola, she was Head of the Research and Market Analysis Division for Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Following this, she worked for Harris as Communications Director.

She is both qualitative and quantitative trained, and has managed literally hundreds of business-to-business and consumer surveys and is a fully trained NLP practitioner.

The extensive and varied experience that Ria has in both quantitative and qualitative methods has enabled her to help clients execute (in particular) their customer insight requirements successfully by proving actionable and clear findings.

Ria is a graduate with an and MBA  CMRS.

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