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China Insight


Strategist ( Ogilvy , Dentsu ) and Insight specialist with 14 years China experience; I have worked widely across consumer goods (Nestle , Kraft Foods , Kimberly Clark ) as well as retail , luxury and technology.


China Insight is a boutique research&strategy consultancy specialising in the Chinese market and consumer. We provide strategic and practical solutions to brands and businesses based on a deep understanding of local culture and consumer trends. Based in Shanghai, Beijing and London, our team of strategists, researchers and semioticians have their finger on the pulse of the Chinese consumers, informing you in real time what they think and want, helping you to decode Chinese culture and attitudes and ensuring you resonate locally! ​

  • We help​ launch new products or service into China
  • We adapt your brand positioning or communication for China

  • We help you sharpen your cultural skills to do business in China


When I was a child, my father came back from business trips to Hong Kong with beautiful Cheong sam dresses as gifts for my mother and me. My mum would get gold, me silver. What is the root of one's fascination for a culture ? It can be childhood memories like this one. In any case I found myself traveling with my father, then with my brother to the Far East in my late teens, and I chose to do my first internship with Time Magazine in Beijing. After this incredible experience I was both hooked and "marked". China was on my C.V. and I kept being sent back.  This accounts for the fact I spent 14 years working in China in my 30's, married and had my first child there.
I am still fascinated by China. It is a country that provides enough depth to investigate for a lifetime. Thank you China for keeping me so busy !