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Agfora Ltd


Marketing and market research consultancy

  1. full project management
  2. ad hoc support
  3. desk research
  4. competitor analysis
  5. expert telephone interviews (domestic and international)
  6. depth interviews
  7. focus groups
  8. questionnaire design
  9. analysis
  10. report writing
  11. bilingual presentations
  12. implementation support


Domestic and international:

  1. Agricultural
  2. B2B/Industrial
  3. Transport, travel and tourism
  4. Specialist consumer products and services
  5. International


Agfora is a market research consultancy providing research for services for clients operating in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture. horticulture. food production, animal health and the environment
  • B2B and specialist consumer products and services

Director Sally Alsop has almost 30 years' professional experience. She graduated in Agriculture (1986) from Plymouth University and then began her career as a graduate trainee with Research International in London. After 2 years in Specialist Units (B2B, B2C - non fmcg) she moved out to Paris to join RI France where she progressed to Research Director providing B2B and specialist B2C research services. In 1996 she joined Eurotunnel as Market Research Manager where she established and ran the MR department until 2000 when she became Retention Marketing Manager responsible for the international loyalty programme and DM activity. In 2002 she gained an Executive MBA at ESSEC Paris and the same year was promoted to Head of CRM. She has been operating as an independent consultant since 2006, initially in the North of France and since 2010 in Winchester, UK.