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Research & Insights Consultant, Alice Banfield Research


A senior qualitative researcher; helping businesses use insights to support the development of communications, products and services.
Specializing in youth research – facilitating and enabling young people to get their voice heard or supporting organizations to better understand younger generations.


Her consultative research approach helps brands and organizations to engage, connect and support young people in an authentic way.

Alice works collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to deliver actionable insights. She has an established network of independents and agencies working in Market/Social research, Digital, UX, Marketing and Communications, Branding, Strategy, Design, Public Relations and Customer Experience.

With 18 years experience, I am an expert in designing and leading projects which use face to face and/or online qualitative research techniques to understand human behaviour, perspectives and experiences - including user lab tests/remote user testing, online safaris, accompanied shops, ideation and concept development workshops, interviews, group discussions, mobile ethnography & online communities. Alice holds an Advanced Qualitative Practitioner Award from the Market Research Society and an MSc in Social Research Methods.

Outside of her focus on youth, Alice has led customer experience, communications and concept/product development research projects  across sectors including charities, government, housing, financial, retail and utilities.



I love making new connections and developing existing ones.

Outside of my research day job I am a:

  • Volunteer young person's mentor (supporting the Girls Network, Brightside and The Trust in Developing Communities)
  • Mum to a three year old boy
  • Dog day care assistant - helping my husband with his dog walking business