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Qualitative Research Consultant, Research Sense Limited

Qualitative Research and UX Consultant


An expert qualitative researcher, Richard does end to end qualitative research projects from proposal to debrief. Richard is method agnostic, using a broad range of online and offline techniques and approaches to get to the heart of the challenge. A skilled moderator, Richard has covered topics from product and concept development, user centred design, UX, packaging development, brand and communications, journey mapping, cultural and target immersion to sensitive topics such as sex and sexuality, ageing, and being a man.

Richard has an Advanced Certificate from the MRS, and has completed the MRS Advanced Qualitative Practitioner, AQR Advanced Moderation and AQR Foundation Courses. Richard graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA (Hons) in Psychology, Sociology and History.


Richard has a wealth of experience across key strategic challenges, from behaviour change, brand migration, and communication development through to audience understanding, UX and user centred design, segmentation, and product development and innovation. These challenges have spanned various categories, most notably financial (fin-tech, retail, RBB, loans, digital payments) and FMCG (male grooming, personal care, face care, laundry, hot beverages, confectionary), social and charity research, digital product design, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and retail.


Richard is a dynamic researcher with more than a decade’s experience in qualitative consumer research. Richard is an empathetic individual who quickly builds rapport with respondents, colleagues, and clients alike. His passion for brands, culture, people, and business means the interaction between these dynamics are always top of mind. A firm believer that the client question, not methodology, should drive the approach; Richard is expert at integrated methodology projects and agile working.