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Bilingual moderator Eng/Ger. 20 years experience. UK based.


Bi-lingual: Moderation in all English and German-Speaking Countries.

B2B, Top Management, Opinion Leaders, Thought Leaders. Consumers.

Focus Groups, IDIs, Forums, Bulletin Boards, Workshops, Meeting Facilitation.

Example of industries: Automotive, Financial, Industrial, New Media, IT,Trade, Telecoms, Energy, Comms Material, Advertising, Website design, NPD, POS, Branding, Startegy, Trends, Positioning.
Special interest: Nutrition. Well-being. Health. Functional Medicine.

Analysis, Reporting, Presenting.

Particular interest in Online projects and Tele-IDIs.



Fast turn-around of German audios into English notes & quotes.
Real-time or recorded; analytical if required.


Over 20 years in Qualitative MR covering a Broad Spectrum of Industries. Vast Experience in Global Multi-Country Research for International Clients.

Full CV with client / project history available on request.

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