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Managing Director, Yolo Communications


Yolo Communications is a full-service international market research and social media insight agency. We adopt a creative and consultative approach to producing quant (surveys) and qual research to help clients achieve their objectives.


We provide full research services to support marketing and communications with a strong history of broadcast and media coverage. We understand the marketing and PR processes and help clients throughout the entire campaign, from the inception of concepts through to proofing stats and publishing. We recommend the most efficient and cost-effective methodologies to achieve the objectives, taking away all the hassle.

We offer online research and omnibus surveys for the UK and international target audiences and have a proprietary service for in-depth analysis of social media to produce strategic insights.

We have delivered projects across the UK and in over 70 countries, targeting consumers, B2B, patients, HCPs and high net worth individuals.


Yolo Comms was set up by Nik Harta who previously established Tickbox and Opinion Matters and worked at TNS. Nik has been at the forefront of online research since 1999 and has been responsible for innovating several new research services including mobile surveys, online focus groups and the use of behavioural economics to aid social media analysis.

Nik has received several industry awards and client testimonials reflecting the support, advice and consultative style of his work. He has presented at international conferences, run interactive workshops and been invited to reside on industry and academic judging panels.

Aside from when he is attending football matches, Nik is accessible 24/7 to provide feedback and recommendations!