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Fiona Smalley Research


Independent qualitative consultant with 20yrs+ expertise. Available for full service projects + project support. Top notch consumer insight + strategic thinking across a range of sectors.


Qualitative full service research with a UK focus. Freelance services for agencies: UK or international.


"Work out what makes people tick...."

The headline on an advert for a graduate research programme that caught my eye and led me to qualitative research. It turns out that grappling with the intricracies of human behaviour makes for a pretty interesting career, and so more than two decades on... here I am.

Since those fresh faced grad days, I've gone on to be the Owner/Director of two agencies: initially Co-owner/Director at Claro for seven years, before founding Vine in 2013.

From Summer 2023, I started working under my own name, continuing to deliver top notch qualitative research and thinking, always with a strong commercial focus.