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Desk research specialist, VH Insights


Desk research using premium, robust secondary sources. I often work with other researchers, complementing their expertise in quant, qual, social listening, data analysis etc.


I provide insights into brands, consumer behaviour, sectors, and trends using expert knowledge and access to an array of premium sources.

To support the research community, I offer some free assistance for researchers who may lack the necessary resources or are unsure where to look. This help is intended for those needing one or two pieces of secondary content to support their projects, helping to save their valuable time.

Additionally, I frequently collaborate with independent researchers on projects that require extensive secondary research. These collaborations are designed to deepen the scope of their research, leveraging my access to specialised sources, and are structured as formal partnerships.


Throughout my career, I have been deeply entrenched in the field of business information, witnessing the expansion of technology within the workplace and the evolution of insights across several industries. My professional journey has spanned the energy sector, banking, management consulting, and ultimately, the marketing industry, culminating in a significant tenure at Publicis UK where I was head of trends and insights.

Among my many accomplishments, the one I hold in highest regard was was pioneering the integration of social listening as a core discipline of insights in the early to mid-2000s. This initiative was well ahead of its time, setting a precedent long before social listening emerged as the pivotal industry it is recognised as today.

Primary and secondary research came together in my department, where I used and introduced sources which are too numerous to mention here. Good relationships with suppliers led to me negotiating access to a robust range of premium sources I still use today as a freelancer.

I'm trying to train our rescue dog (a manic Jack Russell) to be calmer. I'm also experimenting with aquaponics to nurture a zen vibe in my home office.