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Founder, Q2Q Global


At Q2Q we have more than 15 years of expertise. All this experience gives us the knowledge to understand all your needs, and we can help you, providing our services in the most efficient and fast way.


We can offer only one thing or the whole package for qualitative (recruit. moder. analysis,ect.), and we can offer quantitative offline services (HUT, CLT, ect..).

We have experience working on qualitative online and offline.

We work directly with  local senior people in each part (recruiters,moderators, ect...), with give me the flexibility that my clients required in each project.



I am a full researcher in quant and qual, I have been working in both areas the past 15 years.  I am spanish but i growth professionally speaking in the UK, as big part of my career has happen in London. I always tried to provide the best of me in every project.


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Ronda General Mitre, 126, 4th Floor,
B 08021

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