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Lean & Mean, Quick & Clean High quality, fast turnaround, cost efficient research


Quantitative research - all aspects of quantitative research.

Qualitative research - excluding usability

The only thing I don't do is usability research (happy to do the interviewing but the analysis is not my forte).


I specialize in providing high quality, fast turnaround and cost efficient research - in particular providing fast turnaround quantitative research to compliment and showcase qualitative research. I am a native English speaker living in the Netherlands so whilst I am happy to conduct qualitative research (in English), I prefer to conduct the quantitative element of combined methodology projects.


Native English living in the Netherlands. I started out working for a small agency on trackers and ad hoc projects. I then moved client side, working on government communications research before moving to the Netherlands and working for a Telecomms company as a client side researcher. In this role I both commissioned research agencies and conducted my own research - including all data processing and analysis - combined methodologies to give a holistic view.

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