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Feedback CS Ltd t/a insight6


Working across most sectors, I support businesses in customer experience (CX) transformation programmes using quantitative and qualitative measurement alongside our six step process which includes business strategy, benchmarking, journey mapping, gap analysis, training and development of teams and individuals.


We offer a variety of research including benchmarking, exit surveys, mystery shopping, market research, focus groups, real time feedback and insight. In addition we run workshops on leadership strategy, communication, performance management and customer journey mapping. We also coach and mentor teams and individuals.


I love working to support businesses and individuals and have been described as a 'changer of hearts and minds'... I am passionate about inspiring others to lead and recognise how a diverse workforce can bring success when everyone has a thorough understanding of the end goal and their purpose within that. Measurement and feedback are vital aspects of any business and for great customer experiences, it is fundamental to adopt a cross functional/cross department approach to successfully manage and deliver a memorable positive experience.

In my spare time, I love to cook, entertain occasionally and I regularly walk my two black labs. When time permits, I enjoy travelling to explore new places, cultures and to meet new people.


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