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Insight / Strategy / NED


  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Analytics
  • Customer Closeness
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Insight training
  • Strategic Advisor/Non-Executive Director


Helping CLIENTS to achieve better/faster/cheaper insight:

Using my 27 years of client-side experience to help clients of all sizes (from start-ups to the likes of 21st Century Fox, Vodafone, The Economist and Metro Bank) to get to strategic insight. Whatever the challenge, the secret is not only in the method but the ability to land the insight within the organisation to create the change.

Helping AGENCIES to position for growth:

Having been a buyer with some of the biggest spending brands, I know what clients are looking for, why and how they buy. I work with agencies of different sizes and at different stages of their lifecycle to ensure their proposition and marketing strategies are in tune with target market's requirements.

NED to those with a vision:

A trusted, supportive (but challenging) advisor that works with agencies across the marketing services sector. A strategic thinker that helps a business design and execute successful outcomes.


27 years of client-side experience in the research/analysis/data/reporting/strategy world across brands as diverse as Boots, Kraft (Mondelez), British Airways, Sky, Flutter and O2 means there is not much that I haven't tackled in one way or another. I am a huge believer that it's not just the insight methodology that matters but how that insight is landed in a commercial context which turns average into great.

I have run my own consultancy, partnering with associates as and when required, since 2015 working across a spectrum of agencies and clients.

I was on the AURA Council for 4 years and during my year as Chair, increased it's membership and revenue as well as launching the AURA Conference and Awards.

I am a Fellow of the Market Research Society having served as its Chair between 2016-18.

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