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Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS) Ltd


Tailored, flexible training, consultancy, one-to-one coaching and analysis in qualitative research and the use of qualitative data analysis software such as NVivo, MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti and Dedoose.


Experts in mixed methods and qualitative approaches to analysis and software.

Bespoke training : Tailored, flexible online and in-person workshops in qualitative research and mixed methods and qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS), such as NVivo, MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti and Dedoose, from complete beginner, through to advanced.

Project consultancy : Project planning and support to facilitate your team in qualitative data analysis methods and use of qualitative data analysis software to meet your research objectives.

Data analysis and coding : Detailed qualitative data analysis, coding and reporting to ensure get the most from your data and the valuable insights they contain.

One-to-one coaching : Personalised  coaching in data analysis methods in qualitative research and your use of CAQDAS to support you through your research project

Advice and support : Providing impartial advice in choosing an appropriate software that meets your needs to ensure you get the most from the software and your analysis drives the process.



Christina has been using and teaching qualitative data analysis software packages for over 20 years, working with many thousands of practitioner, academic, applied and commercial researchers - helping them choose appropriate qualitative and mixed-methods software solutions, get the most from their use to move forward with their research and analysis with confidence.

She does not provide mechanical, ‘push this button to make this happen’ training. Using a mix of demonstration, discussion, and hands-on practice, she works with you to give you a real sense of how you can best use the software: not simply what the software will allow you to do.

As well as being director of QDAS, she leads and directs the CAQDAS Networking Project at the University of Surrey and is a member of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods Advisory Board.

Christina is co-author of Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guide with Ann Lewins and The Five-Level QDA® method with Nicholas Woolf.

Christina has expertise in all - and holds certified trainer status - for all the major qualitative data analysis software packages, including ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, MAXQDA and NVivo.

Christina is based in the UK and travels around the world for QDAS.