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Managing Partner, Nexxt Intelligence


I'm Managing Partner of Nexxt Intelligence. Our Conversational AI platform, inca, used generative AI to enable QualxQuant conversations to be conducted and analysed at speed, providing a better participant experience than online surveys, better data and deeper insights.


inca, Nexxt Intelligence’s Conversational AI platform offers quantitative scale and qualitative depth. Built upon qualitative research fundamentals—participant engagement, deep probing, and projective techniques—inca facilitates in-depth research conversations at scale and helps you understand underlying perceptions and motivations. inca’s qualitative-first approach ensures that participants are fully engaged and having fun; in return, inca also gets you reliable quantitative data that you can trust. inca also offers a comprehensive suite of quantitative questions that have you covered for most of your research needs. In a nutshell, inca provides a better participant experience, better data and better insights. Clients can buy inca as a DIY platform or work with Nexxt Intelligence's experience research team for full service projects which leverage inca's capabilities Experience inca and you’ll never want to run a traditional online survey again!



I spent 27 years at Kantar in the UK, the last 15 years in a variety of board level roles. I subsequently started my own research consultancy, triple i, where I first used inca as a client. I was so impressed that I decided to make an investment in Nexxt Intelligence and join the team as Managing Partner to help bring inca to more clients.