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Founder and Managing Director, The Research Desk Limited


Desk and secondary research specialists. Providers of strategic, corporate, and market intelligence services. Bringing together online and offline research capabilities, project planning, and a strategic mindset to understand, design to, and deliver your research needs on time and on budget.


Specialising in B2B secondary (desk) research, The Research Desk Limited helps clients to identify, validate, interpret, and challenge information already available, either from within their own organisation or externally, and to develop this into actionable insight. By evaluating their current position and understanding of how an industry or market may change, clients can identify potential opportunities and emerging risks and adapt accordingly.

Services include:

  • Market intelligence - sizing/segmentation, market share, key players, entry barriers, growth opportunities, threats.
  • Benchmarking analysis - product/service, pricing, geography, customer base.
  • Customer/prospect profiling - from secondary sources; customer demography, buying behaviour, influences.
  • Regulatory and policy mapping - shaping strategic and operational environments, now and in the future.
  • Competitor intelligence - in-depth analysis of clients' closest or best-in-class competitors.
  • Strategic development - proposition statements, business planning, horizon spotting, risk mapping, strategic brainstorming.
  • Content development - research, analysis, storytelling, copywriting, editing services.
  • Digital analysis - including SEO and search trend analysis.

Sector experience includes clean and conventional power & energy; water, waste management, and recycling; mining; financial services; risk management; and retail & consumer goods.


A City analyst with over twenty years' experience, I have worked across corporate finance, investment banking, insurance, and risk consultancy.  I work with companies both large and small and across multiple sectors, and have also mentored a number of small business owners both at home and also abroad via the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women's Mentoring Women in Business Programme.  This gives me a unique breadth of knowledge, a particular understanding as to the type of information companies need, and how to best to evaluate, analyse, and present such data in order to unlock and deliver genuine strategic insight.