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Director, East River Insight


Real insight that helps you move forward


  • Qual in all its forms: in person, online, traditional and not so traditional
  • Consumer closeness
  • Quant and quali-quant
  • Full service or freelance

I do lots of consumer work, in any and all categories. This covers a wide range of topics, but specialisms are branding, pack, retail and product / innovation.

Healthcare is also a key area - both with consumers and Healthcare Professionals.

Some B2B, and lots of employee engagement - finding creative ways to get employees interested in taking part, when we know they're often surveyed out.

I'm UK based, but regularly work on multi-country projects - either leading them, or as the UK arm of a bigger project.

While I still love in-person approaches, I also do lots of online, and online communities are a particular favourite.


I’ve been in marketing, research and insight for quite a few years (more than 20, fewer than 50), as a client as well as in agencies.

In that time, I’ve worked on everything from holidays to hangover cures, bank accounts to baked beans, athlete’s foot to anoraks. I’m a fully paid-up, card-carrying insight nerd – I genuinely find the most unlikely subjects can be fascinating when you jump in and immerse yourself.

I love a challenge, and my favourite projects are thorny strategic issues. The critical thing for me is being able to help a business move forward - giving them insight they can really use, and ideally working collaboratively to put things into action.