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I'm a passionate Qualitative Market Researcher. My aim is to be of support and of help to companies (from large companies up to SMEs and start-ups) in the various moments of their business life cycle.


I conduct in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, creative workshops and I like to combine qualitative research with Coaching sessions inside the organizations, with smaller or bigger groups of employees/employers based on the specific objectives.

I also organize Qualitative Mystery Shopping projects with the possibility to add Coaching sessions with sales force, individually and/or as teams.

I run online projects consisting in focus groups, in-depth interviews, bulletin boards, forum, digital diaries, virtual ethnography studies. I also carry out mobile research, especially with the younger targets, with the possibility to collect lot of information in real time.



I founded ALMAR QUALITY RESEARCH, in 2013 after more than 20 years in Qualitative Market Research sector. ALMAR is an independent Qualitative Market Research Institute based in Milan.

ALMAR stands for Active Listening Marketing And Research since I'm convinced that all starts from a good level of empathy when interacting with people.

My aim is to promote people well-being, both those who work within companies and consumers, using my experiences in qualitative market research and in various disciplines.

I strongly believe in the value of collaboration among professionals and, with a team of Experts in Semiotics, Work Psychology, Mindfulness and Digital Communication, I have created B4P - Brand For People, a method to support brands in taking care of individuals, society and planet, so to become ethical brands.

I am curious, flexible and clients say, that I have a 'welcoming' style when dealing with respondents.

I love playing the piano that relaxes me (Chopin is my favorite composer)  and dancing Latin-American music, which infuses cheerfulness and joy of life.

I am a happy wife and a proud mother of two children who study Psychology and Economics, respectively.


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Corso San Gottardo 35
MI 20136

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