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Chulu Peter

Researcher specializing in Malawi (Africa) projects.


Quality control officer for a national coverage 3-year tracker on youth and gender equality in Malawi  


Lead researcher on a quant study exploring different home care options for the elderly and vulnerable in Malawi  


Fielding services of services and conducting focus groups and one to one interviews with hard to reach audience type in Malawi



Amongst other skills, Peter has specialized in consulting clients on how to execute different research methodologies within the African market, in particular Malawi. He has run several research projects in Malawi ranging from quality control of large geographic quant trackers to carrying out qualitative research for retail brands. On these projects Peter has trained over 200 enumerators in Malawi on how to conduct effective research based on client requirements. Peter has assisted clients throughout the years to set up offices in Malawi and Serbia as well as consulting on how to execute various recruitment processes in emerging markets. Peter’s market research firm has Malawi as the newest office addition (2020), and yet to expand into South Africa and other sub- Saharan countries. 


With 17 years of experience in the market research industry, Peter has acquired a vast pool of knowledge from working with reputable research firms to setting up his own successful research organization which has been in operation for over 10 years with offices in USA, UK, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Malawi.  

Born in Malawi (Chichewa mother tongue), educated in London (bachelor’s degree in engineering), Resident holder of 3 countries (Malawi/UK/Serbia), Peter has crafted his research approach that is versatile and adaptable to different cultures. 

Peter graduated in Engineering from South Bank University in the UK. He was appointed honorary consul for Malawi in Serbia (Serbia to yet approve), Founder of his own market research firm which has been in operation since 2009 and now servicing clients ranging from pharmaceutical, retail, finance, and fast-moving consumer goods.