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Research Consultant, Lynda Thompson Research


Customer insight + qualitative research. Sense checker. Giving organisations evidence and insight.


Using various research techniques to provide independent and actionable findings to decision-makers.

Skills include desk research, social listening and helping businesses identify research needs in order to do research design. I'm great at qualitative research; depth interviewing, moderating focus groups, analysis, reporting and finding themes and presenting research findings. B2B research in the construction industry is a particular strength. I'm also an experienced software trainer and presenter.


I'm mum to a human, a dog and a cat and I live in Durham in the North East of the UK.  After a software training career in box office ticketing, I moved into construction and have worked in associated sectors ever since, landing on user experience research and market research when I realised I liked taking in information more than I enjoyed imparting it. I've worked both client-side and agency side and now as a freelance consultant.

I love people, I love understanding why people behave they do and I'm happy to now be working in the job for the endlessly curious.   I'm also a knitter and spend a lot of my spare time making socks for friends and family.


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