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Founder, Related Stories


Using documentary photography and recorded interviews, I create insightful and concise stories.


  • I make three minute documentaries; by combining documentary photography and recorded depth interviews to create very concise and emotionally engaging content.  The output is easily-shared MP4 files.
  • The content is concise and can be used flexibly.  This means that, even when time is tight in a debrief or pitch, it is possible to hear and see multiple consumer stories. Stories can be shorter than three minutes - I have made a series of 30 second documentaries around single questions.
  • The content can be used flexibly (from sound-tracked slideshows to pictures and words dropped into PowerPoint).
  • The stories I create can be used in pitches and debriefs to create impact.
  • The stories can also illustrate segments and personas.


Ever since my grandfather gave me an elderly rangefinder camera when I was 12, I have been fascinated by the power of photography.  I always have a camera with me even if I'm only going to Budgens.