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Tang Tiger


TangTiger is a qualitative research consultancy specialising in innovation and sensory development. We explore consumer perception and behaviours around product, brand and pack. We're a small experienced team with an extensive network of international research partners, ready for your project.


TangTiger offers a full service package - from recruitment, through to moderation and strategic reporting.

We create bespoke designs for each project, using a combination of the following methodologies:

  • Online and F2F Groups
  • Videography
  • Workshops
  • Home Use Tests
  • Mobile Research
  • Ethnography
  • IDIs


Oly is an upbeat innovation professional who’s carved an 12+ year career leading new product development (NPD) research for the FMCG industry.

Working with market leading clients including Unilever, Pepsico and Heineken, Oly implements qualitative research from concept ideation through to behavioural analysis and product workshops.

His qualitative consultancy, TangTiger, specialises in product and packaging sensory innovation. This means exploring sensory narratives through product experiences. Oly sources and builds expert teams to collaborate on projects around the globe.

Oly delivers strategic guidance to create products that meet evolving consumer needs. Working with clients to join-the-dots to define what product experiences support claims like eco-friendly, emotive benefit or ingredient functionality.

He's a creative problem solver and thrives on a challenge. Loves to engage with new technologies and approaches to deliver fresh perspectives.