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Freelance Qualitative Research Consultant with a passion for moderation, interviewing, ethnography, writing research questions and insight analysis.

I am a Social Anthropologist who is fascinated by the ways that different people form relationships and meanings (embodied, sensory, emotional and symbolic).


  • Focus group moderation
  • Formal and informal interviews
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Ethnography
  • UX interviews
  • Emotional and Sensory research
  • Brand analysis
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Survey and Questionnaire design
  • Discussion Guide design
  • Delphi methodology
  • Participatory research
  • Co-created research journeys
  • Data coding
  • Literature reviews
  • Ethical reviews
  • Topline and Comprehensive Insight Reports
  • Online and offline environments
  • B2C and B2B


  • I enjoy market research because it tells us so much about how people live.
  • I love talking to people about their lives and how they see the world.
    • Whether waiting for a train in New Delhi or at a party in Brighton, the conversations I have with people are not so different from my research conversation during moderation.
    • I have been having these types of conversations since I was just a kid in the playground. In short, social research is a core part of who I am.
  • My PhD in social anthropology¬†developed excellent research and reporting skills. I am currently writing a book about how to travel and see the world through an anthropological lens
  • I have conducted research in a wide range of fields across three continents:
    • Fields of commerical research include Healthcare, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Technology, Education, Policy, Security, Transport, Leisure, Utilities, Retail and Lifestyle
    • Academic research includes Automated Vehicles, Psychosocial Care, Coffee Markets, Cannabis Markets, Education Markets, Drug Rehabilitation Markets, Security Markets and Ethical Trading¬†

I like to spend my time with family and friends, exploring people and places, eating and drinking, singing and dancing, and meditating and practicing tai chi chuan.