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Founder/CEO, Bright Harbour


Bright Harbour brings together 35 professionals spanning research, design, social innovation. We help clients build services, policies, and communications that really work by better understanding public needs, contexts and behaviours.


Bright Harbour brings together senior professionals spanning research, design, innovation and more - building bespoke teams for every brief. We help clients understand their publics' context, needs attitudes and behaviours to build services, policies, communications and products that resonate and work.

We are happy supporting big and small projects; positive public impact is all we care about. We've run everything from flagship research and insight to shape the remit of Government departments to fast and innovative comms or product testing. Methods innovation, ethical conduct and sensitive subjects expertise underline everything we do.

Quant/qual. Participatory co-design. Service and product design. User research. Large-scale public insight. Comms testing. Product development and testing.

We also design and facilitate internal workshops that help your team articulate their goals and mission - elevate inclusivity and tackle tricky questions around research or project ethics - and take on board insights that help keep public needs front and centre in your decision making.

Our clients come back for more not just for the rigour and quality we provide, but also because we are easy, adaptable and fun to work with.


Bright Harbour founder Caitlin Connors is a methods and perspectives magpie who blends thinking from neuroscience, psychology, traditional market research, sociology and more.

Specialist areas of expertise include experiences of British poverty; food and nutrition research; health and mental health; relationships and care; crisis, bereavement and trauma; children and families; debt and money.

A lot of my work at Bright Harbour is in designing ways of working that truly honour our public participants and our teams. Ethical practice matters.