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Founder, Arrowstream Analytics Limited


Market Research dashboards need to simplify complexity, be fast, be insightful and be beautiful.
We combine a wealth of Market Research know-how, intuitive data visualisations and detailed knowledge of Tableau, the leading business intelligence technology.


Modern market research needs modern Business Intelligence tools like Tableau to drive insights. For years, our industry have said that "you can't use Tableau for market research", we couldn't disagree more.

We have experience of quantitative research from the complex multi-country, multi-wave brand tracking study, to the one-off usage and attitudes study.

We are yet to find a project too big or small that can’t benefit from an Arrowstream dashboard built on the Tableau platform. We believe that good design is more than just how a dashboard looks but also how easy the dashboard is to maintain, to refresh with new data and to uncover insights.

In addition to being specialists in Tableau, we also specialise in using Python and SQL to create robust data processes.

Survey data can be challenging. Thousands of variables, intricate business logic and statistics that need to be delivered accurately and on time.  We’ve developed tried and tested processes to get your data in a format anyone can understand.


Andrew has over 15 years of experience working in Data Visualisation and Market Research. He is a
certified Tableau Desktop Professional and has delivered 200+ Tableau dashboards for a variety of industries in the past 5

He holds the Market Research Advanced Certificate and has a passion for delivering high quality,
visually appealing survey analysis.