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MD, MAREA RESEARCH qualitative thinking


Managing Director of Marea Research, my independent QUAL Agency based in Milan and Bologna. High & long expertise in International studies, FMCG, pharma, communication & positioning studies, online and f2f. English & French


Qualitative studies, F2F and ONLINE (groups, IDIs and platform), workshop managing.

I'm a great support in planning  research  with colleagues of all  over the  world.

I've a long experience in different areas as concept & pack tests, communication & positioning, new territories.

I'm located in ITALY close to  Milan and I have my own facility with one way mirror in Bologna. I give great attention to recruiting through the best professionals in Italy. I love to create new methods & approaches.

Marea is a team of 3 partners, me, a psychologist and a semiotician. We work internationally  80% of our projects.



I'm working as a qualitative researcher since many years, and I love that. I'm passionate in understanding Clients needs and creative in proposing the best approach  to get insights.

I love to explore human behavior and desires, always keeping in mind how unique each of us is. Listening is  one of the most crucial aspects of our profession.

I love flowers, I'm a quite expert gardener of camellias and roses, I feel growing plants is a magical opportunity to relax.

I'm a mum of 3 children, now young adults.


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