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Director, Code 3 Research Ltd


Recruitment of participants for Qualitative Market Research in the UK. Database of over 100,000 participants spread across the UK.


Sourcing the right participants for your projects is our primary goal. We are an experienced and friendly team who work extremely hard to ensure all aspects of participant recruitment including project management are carried out to the highest standard.

We believe great communication is key... we keep our clients updated throughout all stages of a project to ensure that any issues - should they arise - are dealt with swiftly and smoothly. Clients can relax in the knowledge that recruitment and scheduling are being taken care of by our capable team.

Over the years, Code 3 have developed their recruitment methods to ensure representative, articulate and thoughtful research participants are recruited accurately. We recognise that market research methods are always evolving and we work hard to ensure that we keep up with those changes in the industry.

Please get in touch to discuss your next project carmel@code3research.co.uk