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Managing Director, Platypus Research Ltd


We are a market and social research consultancy specialising solely in the child, youth and family market. We are a small agency with a great deal of experience in qualitative and quantitative approaches including ethnography and behavioural change research.


Platypus specialises in child, youth and family research with qualitative and quantitative expertise.  We are consultants that offer support and advice on a wide range of objectives that involve engaging and designing for this market.  We provide tailored research solutions and consultancy services and our clients are able to benefit from the broad and in-depth knowledge that we have of children, young people and families.

Working with clients in both the public and commercial world we are able to offer advice in relation to specific objectives as well as providing a wider context.  Our clients benefit from a much deeper understanding of their audience and bespoke recommendations for guiding important decisions to ensure successful engagement, evaluation, development and design work.

We can help you with qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic and behaviour change research and our ethos is centred around enabling children, young people and families from all backgrounds and abilities have their voices and lived experiences heard.


I set up Platypus Research in 2005 with a view to making child, youth and family research accessible for all.  The overall ethos behind Platypus has always been to improve the lives of children and families from all backgrounds and I am really proud to work with organisations that also have this focus at their heart.

My background is in Psychology and I enjoy using modern psychological theory as well as more evolutionary techniques such as anthropology, behavioural science and semiotics to provide a much deeper understanding of children/young people's behaviour currently and to also predict where things are going in the future.

Gender equality and family dynamics are also areas of interest for me which weave their way into many of the briefs we receive and are an ever evolving topic.

I have three children aged 24, 14 and 13 and love family time with but also fully understand the challenges faced by families in entertaining, feeding and looking after the mental health of a wide age range!  We are a neurodiverse family with autism, ADHD and dyslexia which means I am always focussed on providing solutions to the challenges this presents. I also love dogs and enjoy running!