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Founder, Frictionless Insight


I work at the intersection of technology, innovation and operations to help make agencies and clients create innovative new approaches, become more efficient at how they deliver and liberate their people from the manual and mundane to drive scalable and


Helping navigate the world of research technology to produce the most effective and efficient toolkit for agencies and clients to drive the insight they need at the speed they need it. Strategic consultancy about what you are trying to achieve and what the right partnerships, platforms and people you need to help you. Upskilling teams from within to create modern, agile insight agencies. Helping tech companies with their strategic narratives and positioning to better land the value proposition of their technology.


A career built on innovation and pushing research forward. A leader of teams and mentor of many talented people in the industry. A father of two, football coach, frustrated cricketer, craft beer enthusiast and indie music aficionado.