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Community Research


Established in 2008, Community Research is passionate about creating connections between organisations and the communities they serve.


For our clients we want to build a better understanding of the communities they serve through facilitating genuine dialogue. For communities we want to build confidence and give people the opportunity to have a say on the issues that affect their lives. We work extensively for government bodies, regulators, water companies, local councils and national charities.

Engaging with the general public, registered professionals, businesses and stakeholders through a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including:

  • Deliberative research and engagement (extended workshops, citizens’ juries, online methods)
  • ‘Scalable’ online communities and panels
  • Depth interviews, focus groups and surveys

With added experience in:

  • Helping to deliver and analyse formal consultations
  • Report writing to publishable standards
  • Conducting research with vulnerable audiences


I work alongside several director level researchers that all pride themselves on producing outstanding research and forming ongoing relationships with clients - we love what we do.


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