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Director, The Human Lab


The Human Lab is a beautiful research venue, viewing theatre and user testing lab in central Bristol. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, recording facilities and web streaming, The Human Lab also offers participant recruitment and moderator services.


The Human Lab hosts qualitative research in a modern and bright facility where clients are welcome to view in person and in comfort through a one-way mirror.

Specifically designed to capture as much insight as possible, The Human Lab is fully equipped with the latest technology:

  • State of the art recording devices so all audio, camera views and device screen shares are captured
  • Secure live web streaming for collages or clients to view remotely
  • Eye tracking equipment to understand behaviours participants themselves may not even be unaware of

The Human Lab also offers Market Research services:

  • Participant recruitment
  • Moderators and Observers, all trained in formative and summative evaluations, focus groups and one-to-one interviews
  • Transcription services

The entire studio is hired exclusively to ensure privacy and includes three spaces all in one central Bristol location:

  • A reception area where friendly and professional staff welcome participants
  • A participant space designed for focus groups of up to 12 participants or face to face interviews
  • A viewing space which looks onto the participant space and can comfortably seat up to 5 people

The Human Lab is run by Human Factors Consultants who ensure the research goes to plan.

Contact details

Unit 1.3 Streamline
436-441 Paintworks
Bristol BS31 1AU

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