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Director, Datawoj Ltd.


Providing expertise and additional capacity in research data analysis and visualisation to deliver actionable insights.


Analysis and visualisation of quantitative research data into insightful PowerPoint reports or interactive dashboards using Tableau.

Saving you time, engaging your audience and improving your business performance.

We have delivered many successful data visualisation projects for a wide range of clients including national bodies, local authorities, charities, research agencies as well as data start-up companies.

Building upon this experience, our specialties are:

  • Online survey and questionnaire design
  • Survey data analysis and reporting
  • Spatial data analysis
  • Data visualisation design
  • Designing and building Tableau dashboards
  • Training and coaching in data visualisation.



Colin has been the Director of Datawoj Ltd since 2016.  He enjoys living in the historic city of Chester, NW England.

Colin is a certified Tableau Data Analyst.  He has expertise in designing and building interactive dashboards.  That allow users to explore their data in depth and uncover key insights.

In particular, he enjoys analysing and reporting on quantitative survey data.  Building insightful data stories that include key insights for decision making.

Building on an 18 year career in Local Government Research and Intelligence.  Where he managed a customer insight team and delivered a programme of research to support a wide range of service planning.  Delivering many customer insight projects, undertaking demographic research and implementing resident consultations.

Outside of work he enjoys spending a lot of my time with his family.  Working flexibly to provide childcare for his young son.