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Semiotician & Qualitative Researcher - Milano - Italy, Consultant


As a researcher (in Italy and Internationally), I use disciplines and tools such as:

Semiotics and Cultural Analysis | Qualitative Research | Human Behaviour Research | Ethnography and Anthropology of Online Communities | Linguistic Software Tools for Quantitative Semiotic Analysis.


International Independent Semiotician, member of IASS (International Association for Semiotic Studies) and AISS (Italian Association of Semiotic Studies), I have been involved in Marketing Research and Brand Analysis for leading Multinational Companies, including Ferrero, P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Nestlé.

Specialising in Semiotics, Cultural Analysis and Human Behaviour Research, I help corporations grow by discovering the unknown about their customers, and intercepting the emergent human dynamics that haven't happened yet.

I'm also committed to global projects for understanding the cultural context of brands and helping their optimal positioning.

One of my skills is the use of Linguistic Software tools, to visualize data into maps in order to integrate the Big Data with the Thick Data (data from humans, like stories, emotions and interactions that cannot be quantified), with the aim of:

- Understand the dynamics of culture.
- Provide innovative insights.
- Build new hypotheses and strategies.
- Give a scientific basis to qualitative research.


I have a passion for sports in general, so I practice yoga and running but the latter with poor results :).
I volunteer for animals and have recently adopted a sea turtle named Coral, who weighs 94 kg.
Here is Coral: https://en.blueoceancollections.com/it-it/pages/suivez-coral