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Director, EC Consultancy


I am a full-service market research consultant, specialising in the healthcare sector. I conduct my own projects from brief to presentation. I work regularly as a Director for two agencies, and multiple others in a Consultancy capacity


I have worked in healthcare market research for over 20 years. The last 5 of which I've broadened my horizons into consumer. I have conducted hundreds of workshops with presentations to all levels. From sales teams to C-Suite and Company Founders, providing recommendations and assisting in strategic discussions and decision making.

The majority of my work is conducting full service research projects, from design through to presentation, on small individual projects, to global multi-phase. Usually qual based, but sometimes quant. When I'm not doing full research projects I will often be involved in questionnaire design, moderating, and/or analysis and report writing.

Over the years I have conducted hundreds of research projects and presentations, and conducted thousands of interviews. Because of my client based experience at the output end, provide me with clear objectives and I'm not afraid to veer away from questionnaires or discussion guides to get answers, and I'm happy to provide actionable feedback and recommendations on design and my interpretation of the results in line with how the project is going.

More recently I have been consulting on Advisory Boards, and conducting multi-day workshops with global teams, looking to change the direction of their brand and/or business.


Perhaps more interestingly I am a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer and the host of a mental health-related podcast. It is these two areas that have become my core focus over recent years. Latterly coming from personal experience and a desire to not only continue to work on myself, but also others to reach out and seek help...or just talk.

I am married to an adoring Canadian, with a three-year-old son, and we have a red setter called Ruby.

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