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Director, Powellite Impact


We are based in Scotland and use mixed methods to deliver evaluations in the public sector and third sector. We deliver evaluations focused on health, innovation, science, engineering, skill development, grant funding and Fellowship programmes across the UK.


Please contact me if you need any short term help with qualitative interviews or other pieces of evaluation work. My company Powellite Impact has a team of associates with extensive evaluation experience.

  • We deliver evaluations into the impact and effectiveness of services, programmes and policies in the third and public sectors.

  • We work with clients to develop Logic and Theory of Change models, surveys and monitoring frameworks.

  • We are highly skilled in mapping outcomes, delivering workshops, focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews.

  • We help organisations to monitor their impact, evaluate their processes and complete (social) return on investment analysis.

  • We produce insightful reports and offer to include infographics, written and filmed case studies to bring the findings alive and make the information accessible to a wide range of audiences.