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Owner, Research & Analysis of Media UK Ltd


RAM UK are a research organisation who specialise in helping clients to understand the effectiveness of advertising.
We also offer cost effective, standardised and bespoke research solutions including brand lift studies, consumer perceptions studies. etc.


RAM UK is a research organisation who specialise in helping organisations to understand the effectiveness and impact of their advertising campaigns.

We offer a full range of quantitative research solutions and pride ourselves on having one of the largest advertising performance reference database to support media measurement.

Our small team of research professionals can offer results much faster than some of the larger corporate research organisations, and we take pride in producing research that makes actionable information straightforward and transparent.

Everything we do is tailored to your business. Whether your research requirements are hyper local or global, we have panels that can support your research needs.

RAM is an ongoing partner who are deeply invested in seeing you reach your goals.

We have undertaken large scale brand lift studies, or small scale customer perception studies. Whatever your objectives, get in touch to have a chat and see how we can help.


Hi everyone. Great to be part of such an inspirational group.

I am Dianne Newman, owner and CEO of RAM UK.

I have over 30 years experience in research primarily in the media industry, and have spent much of my career working in large UK publishing organisations.

Having worked for the international arm of RAM for 8 years, I took over the UK franchise over 3 years ago, and continue to work with many of the UK's largest and most prestigious media brands.

My passion in everything that I do is on passing on knowledge and support to clients to ensure they achieve their objectives.

Outside of my professional career, I have been an Irish Dance teacher for over 25 years and for the past 5 years have been teaching yoga.

I pride myself on continuing to learn and am looking forward to engaging with like minded individuals, and hopefully being able to support you in your business objectives in the future.