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Market Research & Data Analytics Consultant, Redron Insights


Supporting research agencies and independent researchers with questionnaires, survey link, sig tested data tables, statistical analysis and insights reports. Key goal is to be reliable and keep delivering high-quality insights at affordable cost within the project timeline.


Below mentioned are the few specific problems we solve for our clients…

  • Define the information areas for the research objectives and convert them into specific survey questions: Our vast experience (15+ yrs) of conducting different types of research for multiple categories and huge database of questionnaires help us to formulate short and crisp questionnaires within a short period of time. We also do survey link checks and provide a detailed question wise logical / formatting error report.
  • Quickly address issues with survey data file / Generate sig tested data tables: Often our clients struggle with identifying structure in the data. Our experienced data Processing executives make this process simple by creating a sensible analysis plan for the study and by generating data tables on different data banners. We deliver data tables in 2 to 3 days max.
  • Answer specific business questions with advanced statistical analysis:  We specialize in Significance Testing, Key Drivers, Pricing (Elasticity / Optimization), Product Profile (Correspondence Map / Perceptual Map), Product Improvement (Penalty analysis) and  Segmentation (Attitudinal / Behavioural)
  • Finalize insights report: We create an outline of report, chart data relevant from insights POV, comment the story and conclude report with exec summary


With 15+ years of experience in consumer and market insights, I have been designing research, developing questionnaires, analyzing data and creating insights reports for clients across different categories like Health & Wellness, Foods & Beverages, Laundry, Personal Care, Pharma (OTC) & Feminine Care.

My core competence is helping clients on strategies related to Brand Growth, Category Development, Product Innovation, New Market Launch, Consumer Acquisition, Media Effectiveness, Campaign Management, Shopper Behaviour and Retail Effectiveness.

Apart from India, I have worked with clients across North America and key markets in EU region with Marketing Heads, R&D Managers, Category Director, CMK / CMI Managers, Brand Managers.

Data Science excites me and have been learning different languages and analytical solutions. In the past I have successfully delivered data analytics solutions to clients related to Product Testing, Customer Segmentation, Sales Drivers, SKU Optimization, Innovation Forecasting, SEM & Product Bundling.

I hold an MBA in Information Management from Welingkar Institute of Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing from C-DAC and a Bachelor’s in Science from Mumbai University.

Am a proud father of 9 year old boy :), do organic farming, love to explore new places, practice mindfulness (Vipassana) and now live in Mumbai (India).